James Redmayne – Father, Medical Student and Accidental Author


My name is James and I write things. Usually silly little rhymes that make me smile to myself, or fanciful stories to tell my daughter (if she sits still for more than 3 seconds).

Somehow, my silly little rhymes made their way into The Surfing Animals Alphabet, a wonderful little book created by Jonas Claesson. Then, The Surfing Animals Alphabet was reviewed by Surfer Magazine! People don’t realise how much a kind word can bring about change in another person. Suddenly I realised that other people enjoyed reading my work. New characters and ideas started popping up everywhere and I decided to grab them and run with this idea of being a children’s book author. Seeing I’m a husband, father, medical student and part time physiotherapist – it’s not like I had too much else on my plate (gulp!).


I’m working on some new ideas, so watch this space – and drop me an email if you want to know more!

James Redmayne Author